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(reforesting 10 billion acres of trees)

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 (raising public awareness of the plight
      of the Arizona Dineh Navajo)

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Important: please note that it will take an EXTREMELY LARGE EFFORT to replant 10 Billion Acres of Trees, that's about 2 Trillion Trees!
However every little bit counts! Your donation will nonetheless make a difference, no matter what amount you pledge!

getting the US Government to issue a Proclamation returning the Navajo their Black Mesa Lands, is an EXTREMELY LARGE EFFORT,
since we must overcome public corruption among the Senate and House personnel involved in perpetrating the defrauding of the Dineh.  Nonetheless,
we have managed to fight Peabody and the Senators to a halt and blocked further mining expansion, and hope to use what resources we have at our
disposal to obtain the RETURN of the Dineh to their lands in accordance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights for the Indigenous Peoples of the world.