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      =  The "Cult of Intolerance" 
           The greatest single threat to world peace in history.
           ...learn how it breeds global terrorism, banks power, leverages greed, and serves as a blueprint
           that is used by supremacists, repressive governments and fascistic despots throughout the world.
           1st in a series, written by:  the ACSA Advisory Staff    [Easter, 2003]

HAMAS TERRORISM (DESCRIBED)Preface: In 2003, the American majority elected to take action to free the PEOPLE of Iraq. An American-led Military Coalition, in only 21 days, removed the fascist, tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein and his sons.  While the Coalition was organizing the very conditions necessary for the Iraqi People to rule themselves, it suddenly emerged that religious leaders within Islam throughout the Middle East were urging their followers not to submit to "the American notions of Democracy" and were attempting to enforce the same, fascist, tyrannical rule of fear over the Iraqi People, as had existed under Saddam Hussein. The newly freed Shi'iah majority found itself being urged by religious leaders and outside religious and political forces, to once again to "submit to the will of Allah" and to "turn their lives over to the will of Islam" in a bizarre resurrection of the very enslavement of their spirit that had ruled them under Saddam Hussein.  Instead of being offered FREEDOM OF CHOICE by the very religious leaders repressed by Saddam Hussein, they found fear emerging from Islamic leadership throughout the Middle East, and seeming "puppet governments" allied with these supposed religious leaders, going about doing everything in their power to keep the Shi'iah from having freedom of self expression, freedom to select their own governments and freedom to have the life style they chose to.  Among the elements of denial demanded of them by the Imams of the Shi'iah, for example, were: "No TV, no Internet and no Radio", "No Presence of Americans and no consideration of American Ideologies" and "No Freedom of Speech, no Freedom of the government to do as they want."    [ HEZBOLLAH ANNOUNCEMENT ARTICLE ] < read this article for insight into what HEZBOLLAH believes it's terrorism is for.

This article addresses why certain so-called Muftis of the Middle Eastern Islamic Peoples, weakened by the strength demonstrated by the American-led Coalition, have now responded with their own "fear response" and appeared to be suddenly adopting the appearance, repressiveness and slavishness of Saddam Hussein.  It goes on to examine how the Muftis ultimately fear the loss of their ability as Imams to rule over Arabia, leading to their "knee jerk response": installing absolute fear of their projection of a repressive and vengeful Allah who, according to them, would punish any Muslim who submitted to this "new American occupation" (as they falsely described the Coalition effort to liberate the Iraqi People).  These very Muftis liberated by the American-led coalition, knowing no other means except furtherance of the Cult of Intolerance, are apparently  engaging in the maximizing of Intolerance of others in and among their congregations, a principle strategy and tactic of repression that servers their effort by allowing them to exert absolute authority over Arabian Peoples like the Shi'iah... by lying to their own congregations, elevating themselves as if "representatives of Allah", thereby attempting to steal some of the power of God for themselves to use and "Lord over Islam" so to speak.   [ LIST OF MAJOR TERRORIST GROUPS ]

This article also addresses the fundamentalist failing of hard line Islamic Religious Leaders that has given rise to the Cult of Intolerance.  That Cult is so insidious it has now become the greatest single threat to World peace in History: it represents spiritual corruption of the Islamic Fundamentalist leaders themselves, a corruption of their souls so extreme that it emanates from their foundling power, wealth, ego and influence in a manner that has categorically blinded them to the very principles of peace, charitableness and goodness that at one time ruled Islam from it's roots in Jewish tradition, now replaced by Hate, Deionization, Bias, Greed, Perversion, Hypocrisy, Race War and Mass Murder as a means to preserve it's own base of power.  No longer are these Imams of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, or the rest of the Middle East even remotely capable of tolerance, for it is the very Cult of Intolerance they've germinated throughout the Middle East that is their fundamentalist basis for ruling over their congregations.  And it is that commitment to blind, fanatical, dishonest, deceitful "false jihad" violence that threatens peace throughout the Planet.

    They call themselves "Ayatollah", "Mufti", "Sheikh", and "Imam" and they are just like any other Islamic religious leader in that sense.  Yet something clearly sets them apart.  They demand the allegiance to their words from their congregations under pain of death. In the case of these specific such leaders of Islam, they've depicted mankind as infidels, a derogatory term that implies "unclean in the House of God".  They claim that their congregants must believe that commitment of one's life to the "Holy Prophet Mohammed" should include "elimination of infidels and infidel cultures and religions".  They are in reality nothing more and nothing less than the spiritual sponsors of  "The Cult of Intolerance". This Cult has invaded Islam through-out the world.  It is one which advocates mass murder, enslavement to clergy will, deprivation of human self-rule, and undermining of the human spirit.  It has deliberately redrafted the words of Mohammed, founder of Islam, and has inalterably detracted from the ordinarily peaceful tenets of Islamic daily life. It depicts anything not subservient to itself as "our enemy". 

    These certain Islamic Clergy, are, in reality, not religious leaders at all: they call themselves "fundamentalists" among the Islamic Clergy... they are NOT. 

    They are, quite simply put: HATE MONGERS, POWER BROKERS, MASS MURDERERS and RACISTS disguised as Islamic Holy Men.  Adept at the "language" of Islam, they have undermined the House of Ishmael and Mohammed to such a degree that it threatens to bring about it's global downfall as a result of interference with the FREEDOM of all of the rest of Humanity. These certain Islamic fundamentalist clergy care not for the rights of women, non-Islamics, Islamic of a different sect, nor for other country's heritages.  They use the espoused need for preservation of Islamic History as if it were a battering ram, for the purposes of brokering their own leadership, among people kept so ignorant and servile and without achievement, that they are quite literally forced to do exactly what these false Imams order without a second thought.  And among their given orders are the proxy warriors of their sinful existence, the Terrorist Groups, who commit crime after crime before the very eyes of God, sin after sin before the very eyes of God, misleading themselves and all of Arabia into believing their "sacrifice" or "martyrdom" will be rewarded in the Afterlife in a Paradise, when it won't. This false inducement of Arabic men to commit gross criminal violation of the fundamental laws of God, War, Humanity and Nature has been steadily perpetrated by these same Fundamentalist Islamic Clergy who've sponsored the very existence of the Cult of Intolerance in order to insure their own positions of power, since about the early 1920's.  History shows a pattern of similar behavior against Human Rights emerging from the very same Peoples prior to the advent of Islam.  Clearly, Mohammed's efforts to civilize his own people of Arabia have entirely failed, and the roots of his religion, which originate in Judaism, have become the object of his own People's hatreds, a form of redirected SELF-HATRED that has littered Human History with the lunatic ranting of despots such as Ayatollah Khomeini, Yassir Arafat, Osamma Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Mohammed Hamzeh Al-Masri, Mohamar Khaddafi, and their peers who, in targeting Israeli, Western, American and other "different peoples" and "different religions" as their enemy, have merely been engaging in a broad spectrum effort to maximize their own positions of power.  The Arabic peoples, as a people, have allowed this Cult of Intolerance to be adopted so widespread that it has utterly invalidated their entire religion, whose stated principals are opposed to the very Intolerance espoused by the Cult sponsored by these fundamentalist clergy.  Clearly, Islam's founder Mohammed must have failed MISERABLY in his efforts to civilize, educate and provide a spiritual center. 

    In history, despotic dictators have been Humanity's undoing.  Any war to unseat a despot like Saddam Hussein, Josef Stalin, or Adolph Hitler is, in our book, wholly justified.

    However today an entire elitist class of Fundamentalist Islamic Leaders have arisen who've banded together to use Islamic Law to attempt to subordinate millions of individuals of Arabic descent, into a class of anti-people, people who commit terrorism, mass murder, brutality, rape, torture and other violence in the false name of holy jihads called at the drop of a hatpin, in the false name against occupations that in reality consist of peace keeping and peace seeking actions in Iraq, Gaza, West Bank, and other parts of the world.

    And we in the West must come to terms with understanding how it all works, what it's "Press spin doctor" is all about, what the Cult of Intolerance does: how it uses powerful oil wealthy money barons, drug cartels and munitions dealers to lead off it's proxy warfare against anything that stands in it's way to absolute global domination.  The Cult of Intolerance is enlisting the weak minded and cowardly Supremacist Militants of Europe and North America and elitist cultic groups throughout the world in a global conquest on a magnitude never seen before.  It is feeding upon and fueling the Axis of Evil and delivering terrorism and violence up in it's wake, as it moves from region to region attempting to gain a foothold.  And it is causing "backlash terrorism" to emerge even among Jewish groups in Israel such as Kach and Kahane Chai, founded originally by late Jewish fanatic Meir Kahane and now headed by his son Binyamin.

    Today, the Cult of Intolerance represents the greatest single threat to World Peace that ever existed. It can claim any religious group unwary of it's deceit.  It can undermine or seduce any country incapable of respecting global laws or others' rights. It is pure evil.  And it originates with these certain fundamentalist Islamic "Ayatollahs", "Muftis", "Sheikhs" and "Imams".  These Cult Leaders are so frightened of Democratic Rule, they would say or do anything to preserve THEIR DESPOTIC RELIGIOUS LEADERSHIP.

    In our book, any effort to unseat and imprison or depose these DESPOTIC RELIGIOUS LEADERS sufficiently to allow their more even handed, responsible and honest peers in Islam to take root, is wholly justified.  We can not place objects of religious significance before lives, we can not place imperfect interpretations of God's Law before the actuality of God's Law.  We can not give up law and order for the sake of preserving the rights of terrorists.  And we can not allow terrorists to run the World, determine the law, and steer humanity.  Terrorism must end.

    So must the Cult of Intolerance. It must end.  It must be completely replaced by TOLERANCE.  Not tolerance of criminality, not tolerance of lawlessness, and not tolerance of inhumanity.  TOLERANCE of others' right to exist, to worship differently, to have different cultural heritage. And to live without assault from HATE, RACISM, RELIGIOUS BIAS and POLITICAL VIOLENCE.  The END of the Cult of Intolerance could lead to an era of World Peace previously unseen in Human History.  It's continuation, the greatest single threat to World Peace that has ever been.



Terrorist Organization Profiles
Organization (Click on organization name for profile)
National Affiliation
Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) Philippines
Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Group, IG) Egypt
Al-Qa'ida (the Base) Afghanistan
Armata Corsa France
Armed Islamic Group (GIA) Algeria
Aum Shinrikyo Japan
Basque Homeland and Freedom (ETA) Spain
Chukaku-Ha (Nucleus or Middle Core Faction) Japan
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Palestinian
Fatah - Revolutionary Council (Abu Nidal Organization) Lebanon
Fatah Tanzim Palestinian
Force 17 Palestinian
Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) Palestinian
Harakat ul-Mujahedin (HUM) Pakistan
Hizballah (Party of God) Lebanon
Hizb-ul Mujehideen Pakistan
Irish Republican Army (IRA) Northern Ireland
Jamaat ul-Fuqra Pakistan
Japanese Red Army (JRA) Japan
Jihad Group Egypt
Kach and Kahane Chai Israel
Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) Turkey
Lashkar-e-Toiba Pakistan
Lautaro Youth Movement (MJL) Chile
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Sri Lanka
Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) Northern Ireland
Manuel Rodriquez Patriotic Front (FPMR) Chile
Martyrs of al-Aqsa Palestinian
Moranzanist Patriotic Front (FPM) Honduras
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Philippines
Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK or MKO) Iran
National Liberation Army (ELN) Colombia Colombia
National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) France
Nestor Paz Zamora Commission (CNPZ) Bolivia
New People's Army (NPA) Philippines
Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) Iraq
Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Palestinian
Party of Democratic Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge) Cambodia
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command Palestinian
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Palestinian
Popular Struggle Front (PSF) Syria
Qibla and People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD) South Africa
Real IRA Northern Ireland
Red Army Faction (RAF) Germany
Red Brigades (BR) Italy
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Colombia
Revolutionary Organization 17 November Greece
Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHCP/F) Turkey
Revolutionary People's Struggle (ELA) Greece
Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) Peru
Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) Pakistan
Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) Peru
United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia Colombia

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