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October 14, 2004:  Koppel Report on ABC establishes no Kerry "Silver Star" evidence, that there were no Vietcong witnesses that Lieutenant John Kerry actually killed "Banton", a lone Vietcong soldier who fired a rocket at the Swift Boats in the Cambodian River Delta, among which was one Kerry was piloting, although many of those soldiers did witness "Banton's" death from gunboats returning fire, not from Kerry. Important: READ more of our insight into this odd Koppel report...>

October 11, 2004:      Is John Kerry a Traitor? You decide >
October 6th, 2004:      On Stem Cells and President Bush's beliefs >
October 8, 2004

2ND PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE OUTCOME:  Bush 2,  Kerry 0.  Cheney 1, Edwards 0.
  ACSA points out some of John Kerry's many glaring pro-Communist debate "errors": "Bin Laden is Hiding in Afghanistan" - WRONG, JOHN! Bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan.  "95% of the world's Heroin comes from Afghanistan" - WRONG, JOHN! 95% of the world's Heroin comes from Pakistan, and 95% of the Poppies Pakistan uses come from Communist China. "This President Did Nothing to halt Nuclear Proliferation" WRONG, JOHN! A.Q. Khan's Network, the invasion of Iraq, halting North Korea's further acquisition of Pakistani Nuclear Weapons, Stopping Libya from building Nuclear Weapons, allying 5 super-nations against N. Korea's further building of a nuclear arsenal and causing Libya to start disarmament.  "The Wrong War at the Wrong Time and Place": WRONG, JOHN - by your own statement you supported it!  Then you tried to cut off appropriations to it. You are  clearly the wrong choice at the wrong time and place, Mr. Kerry!
Who won? according to ACSA's 9.5 million digitally polled members (11:07 PM)--   Bush: 76.34%,  Kerry: 15.33%, Undecided 8.33%
   Kerry's performance, most frequent comment: "He made the colossal blunder!"  Bush's performance, mfc: "Very candid, honest."
   Strongest criticism of Kerry - "He switched from anti Iraq to pro Iraq war in mid debate."  Strongest criticism of Bush - "He should have
   been more critical of Kerry's lack of any plan, failure to quote the truth, he seemed more preoccupied with pointing out Kerry's flips."

KEY: Our own political analysts believe that Kerry has deliberately been coordinating his debate strategies with terrorists attacks instigated by shadow activities of the business family headed by fellow Senator Jay Rockefeller (Exxon-Mobil, Conoco-Phillips, BP-Amoco, Chevron-Texaco and Shell) which instigations include the timing of this mornings horrifying suicide bombing of 35 under age 10 innocents in Iraq.  It appears that the Rockefeller connected businesses have been supporting terror in an effort to unseat Bush so it can get their puppet, Kerry, into the White House, so they can seize Iraq's oil reserves from the Iraqi's. It also appears they brokered a deal for Pakistan to move aging nuclear weapons components into North Korea, in an effort to undermine the five nation coalition that has demanded N. Korea disarm.  S. Korea is a major competitor in the technology and automobile industry against Rockefeller automotive and consumer / industrial electronics businesses, and undermining their ability to compete is clearly a Rockefeller goal... We are convinced of complicity between the Kerry Campaign and the terrorists', underwritten by a grant from "the Rockefeller Foundation": clearly unhappy it has not gotten what it wants: Iraq's oil and N. Korea overrunning South Korean business and petroleum competition!

ACSA's Endorsement:George W. Bush for President in 2004 >(press release)
"The Lost Heroes":We Will Remember 9/11 >

SIDE NOTE: Democrats falsely accuse President Bush of taking America to war over "stockpiles of WMDs"... Read what John Kerry  and the Democrats have said about Iraq's "stockpiles": HERE
Dan Rather admits "evidence" aimed at hurting Bush was "forgery", ACSA redoubles it's accusation of Kerry: "a blatant fraud"!
John Kerry's Campaign: "Desperation during a nosedive?"
more...> (press release)
September 1, 2004
ACSA on the DEMOCRATS: We, many of whom are Democrats, believe the Democratic Party and Mr. Kerry simply do not understand Terrorism. From their public statements we deduce that Mr. Kerry and his Campaign have not the even remotest idea of the right things to do to bring about it's end. They have demonstrated ignorance of the need for perimeter defenses, they have failed to understand the Military Issues, they have tried to hide behind Domestic issues.  American can not, will never be able to, appease Terrorism. America must never even attempt to: it will be seen as a capitulation. It shows weakness. Terrorism does not halt when we try to negotiate, it simply waits a while, then strikes. The Democrats have adorned their platform with empty gestures aimed solely at fulfilling an obsession with seizing power. We believe the Democrats have blinded themselves, preferring to focus on fulfilling their own greed motives.  Everything they've proposed, every Policy they claim they would use are simply invitations to Terrorists to engage in Terrorism. The Clinton Administration emboldened the Terrorists with similar empty shows. For that reason, ACSA has decided the Democratic Party Candidate's Platform is "entirely unrealistic, without merit and potentially fatal to Americans".  We thereby endorse the Republican Party Candidacy of President George W. Bush.  To our millions of members, our many friends and fellow Americans: we very strongly recommend you vote for President Bush.  He deserves the Mandate only you can give him. There can be no faltering in the fight against Terrorism.  We must continue to take the fight TO the Terrorists.  If they intended to frighten us into capitulation, they've achieved exactly the opposite result.

Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971.Updated September 1, 2004
 .ALSO OF SPECIAL INTEREST. John Kerry's Evil Twin:  In a blitz during which he approved over $62 Million in illegal Section 527 "anti-Bush Advertising" by third party groups (called: Section 527 organizations) such as "MoveOn.org", "BushOut.org", "MissionNotAccomplished.org" and Michael Moore's F911, John Kerry has become the "pot calling the kettle black". When ads by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth started to cause Kerry to slip in the most recent polls, Kerry's Campaign Committee tried to block the Swift Boat Veterans Ads: filing a frivolous complaint against them with the Federal Election Committee. What followed were even more outside ads renouncing Bush in what mirror McCarthyism "Communist" hunts: "there's a Bush front behind every bush!".  In fact, Kerry's campaign, a wild grasp at straws, equated the actions of Swift Boat Veterans to THE ACSA's Public Advocate, for instance, in undertaking it's 6 year long campaign to confront Sen. John McCain for (in essence) murdering thousands of American Indians since 1993.  Kerry claims our Association is "a Bush front". Apparently he says that about anyone who doesn't agree with him. Senator John McCain is an evil, selfish man who was the author of and was responsible for the passage of the vile Navaho Resettlement Act, an act in utter violation of the Human rights of the Di'Neh Navaho (the so-called "Hopi-Navaho" are a fake tribal organization created to lay claim to Di'Neh Navaho Coal bearing territories by McCain's partner in crime: Peabody Western Coal, the Hopi and the Di'neh had long since eliminated lines of distinction). 

Native Arizonians of Indian Descent were brutally run off from their own Territories in the Big Mountain and Black Mesa areas of Arizona. Their lands were strip-mined in violation of Constitutional protections, facilitated by pork barrel laws designed to circumvent those protections passed by McCain with the help of Kerry and many other members of Congress and President Clinton. And we were far from alone in calling John McCain a criminal. Our protests were preceded and joined by Julia Butterfly Hill and thousands of others, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, for instance.  Kerry's lunatic fringe staff have falsely labeled the hundreds of anti-McCain protests since 1978: "Bush electioneering", in what can only be called further brutalization of the Navaho of Arizona and blind-eyeing ecological disasters brought on by the unlawful enactments. Clearly there is madness afoot in the Kerry camp, one promulgated by fear of exposure or by delusion.

Read Official Statement >

 John McCain (Rep. from Az) is and was criminally guilty of corruption and of stealing Native Indian Lands and selling them to Peabody Western Coal Company in a choice piece of Carpet bagging (read: Cain2004.org 'Am I My Brother's Keeper?') that spanned several decades.   Displaced Navaho (the Di'neh or "People") in ArizonaHe had thugs in Arizona brutalize Navaho, and formed phony tribal counsels to serve as their proxies.  These Counsels were used to foster contrary laws that deprived an entire People of their Constitutionally guaranteed reserves, minimally compensating them, and along the way, parking them on a Nuclear Waste Dump.  He fostered illegal ex-parte manipulation of the Supreme Court.  And McCain arranged for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to expropriate the actual licensing fees for use of Indian Land. In the current Kerry complaint and TV Ads, Kerry falsely claims to the FEC that Bush made all this "Swift Boat" stuff up and that the decades of activists (including, apparently, UN Investigators who accused McCain and others of violation of the Navaho's Human Rights) who fought valiantly to protect the Navaho D'ineh were just "Bush Fronts" in the 2000 Election! Bush has been very public about renouncing such third party ads as having "No Place in the 2004 Elections!", and calls for Kerry to halt his MoveOn.org, Michael Moore and other illegal ad attacks have been widespread. Yet Kerry keeps on lying even about that!  The degree of pathological lying coming from the Democratic camp has exceeded all imagination. The McCain denial of the Navaho their Human Rights resembles the upcoming attempts by puppet master Sen. Jay Rockefeller (Dem. from W. Va) in seeking to dispossess the Iraqi People of their own oil given them rightfully by the Bush Administration after deposing Hussein. Some things never change in the Rockefeller-Kennedy-Kerry camp, do they?


The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (Swiftvets.com) have been chasing Kerry since 1969 during every election Kerry's ever run in. The group is composed of Veterans who take great exception to the abusive lies told about them by Kerry.  Many disagree with allegations about his heroism in Vietnam.  Many believe him to be a full fledged Traitor!  Nonetheless, the Swift Boat Vets had it in for John Kerry since he falsified testimony to Congress in 1971 and disgraced himself. Such political attacks took place in every Kerry election, and are bipartisan. They are not Bush campaign actions.  Just angry MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC up in arms about John Kerry being elected to ANY public office! Here are letters the Vets wrote to Kerry asking him to stop using their photos>

The formerly Radical Antiwar middle finger raising, pro-flag burning, Presidential hopeful Candidate John Kerry is getting slammed by Vets all over the country over his knowingly false testimony before Congress in 1971 about their conduct in Vietnam, falsely accusing his fellow soldiers of rape, beheadings, and atrocities in Vietnam which simply never took place. Kerry's very destructive statements, designed not to be true, just to humiliate the Military and the Administration, were actually printed on confessions and used by North Vietnamese to attempt to torture American POWs in their prisons.  Even the usually conservative Bob Dole has joined in criticizing Kerry for the litany of past anti-America statements, as well as for "getting discharged with medals for superficial injuries..."  There is no doubt that John Kerry served in Vietnam, and no doubt that he sustained combat injuries, but when you make out like you were the only Vet to do so, blow their nature up into a blue sky story, while claiming all the others soldiers were out raping, beheading, pillaging and murdering civilians, as Kerry testified fraudulently about before Congress, you're likely going to get some Veterans more than a little bit ticked off at you. Is John Kerry's Presidential Candidacy going to be over before it even gets a chance to start?  Rumblings of even more alleged Kerry wrongdoings are making the rounds of Press backwoods gossip circles... And then there's the damning evidence that Kerry lied to Congress in 1971.  READ: Kerry lies about Vietnam atrocities: his Winter Soldier assault on Vets>.  MORE: Vets against Kerry> , and John Kerry on the  Edge of Treason>, also:  John Kerry's Bogus Claims:  Busted by Historians>.  AND:  Hanoi Jane defends Kerry> (more to come) So, we hear there is even worse lurking in the background of the Democratic Candidate's past.  What could that be about, John? Something hidden? Was this about drugs and sex and narcotics distribution at those antiwar movement get-togethers?  Or is there some other horrifying event lurking in your past?

ACSA's Chairperson  Dr. Jack A. Shulman comments: "I agree with the President, yet John Kerry can't expect the public to stop opening up his background, while he continues to underwrite Michael Moore, MoveOn and other such illegal  Democratic Party backed 3rd party attacks on the Administration in support of Kerry's Candidacy.  They are and have been for almost a year now engaging in illegal ad attacks on the President, a steady distortion of events and smear campaign. I've been steadily appalled at the Democratic Party's use of these illegal tactics, employing third parties to engage in smear and harassment campaigns against the Bush Administration. Vietnam was a Democratic Party invention. Democratic President Lyndon Baines Johnson concocted justification to enter Vietnam by staging and embellishment of the allegedly phony Gulf of Tonkin Incident. This was no mere reference to the possibility that WMDs might be developed by a Saddam Hussein, Johnson manufactured a knowingly false report of an outrageous attack on American Naval Vessel(s) in the Gulf of Tonkin, and later authorized an equally outrageous retaliatory strike. Same resulted in a partly corrupt, partly gullible Congress handing Johnson a 96%-by-vote mandate giving him the right to invade North Vietnam and to provide the South with military  security, the so-called Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which was sought by Johnson under completely false pretenses, called "the Domino Effect".  In reality, Johnson was instigated by Standard Oil's interest in the Oil Reserves in the Gulf of Tonkin, which would become unavailable in a world where Soviet Russia and Vietnam were linked inexorably, and he succumbed to Esso (Exxon) pressure in the form of Congressional Hawks his entire two terms of escalating the war. It was not a popular nor well run war, Vietnam, and unlike Iraq, it did not have the same liberating goals. Unlike Iraq, where President Bush has carefully guarded Iraq's reserves and given them to the hands of the Iraqi People, against Standard Oil's wishes, Vietnam was a circumvention of Chinese interest in Vietnam's oil and little else, a move designed to let American Oil Companies gain a foothold in the reserves south and to the east of Vietnam, under the murky seas there.  It was clearly an effort to defend the South Vietnamese oil from the Chinese backed North and reserve it for American companies. I volunteered in the early 70's in an advisory capacity, only, as I was physically not able to qualify for service, my vision assured that.  But I learned one lesson well: with the Russians and Chinese instigating Vietnamese and Korean conflicts, arming the North Vietnamese and the North Koreans, and allying with Pol Pot and Arabic Terrorists  in aggression against Israel (Al Fattah played a significant role) and America, someone needed to do something to halt the deliberate conflict generation. 

Lyndon Johnson's methods were unpolished and conflict creating, not the correct nor well organized solution to conflict History demanded, but a way that was acceptable to his Big Oil interests, the interests that have backed the Democratic Party for decades.  An early settlement with the Communist Chinese and Ho Chi Minh was avoided by Johnson, resulting in a prolonged field of conflict.  Certain American Celebrities became subordinated to the Communist Party aggression's other side: international espionage. It was not long before I realized that those who disliked the war enough, were all too easily being seduced by actual spies and big oil interests. Their pro-peace intentions were being twisted into actually helping international aggression and to fuel the conflict so earnestly sought by big oil. As a young college journalist I came to know John Kerry, Jane Fonda and Abby Hoffman, and I learned that in Kerry's case, he had been seduced by the aggression element, both Oil Democrats and Communist spies.  He was no longer just a pro-Democratic Party plant, he had descended into a state of actually giving aid and comfort to the aggressors, then formal military enemies of the United States. His pro-JFK politics were simply put: bogus and a cover."

"As I stood by and took pictures, I found that John Kerry sought any means to run interference for the Russians and the Vietcong leadership. I found that local Mass Democrats were dangling enticement: Political Advancement, dangled before Kerry's eyes enticingly if he could just concoct a way to foster blame for Nixon rather than Johnson so as to disconnect the Democratic Party  growing discontent over our involvement in Vietnam it had created.  Rather than expressing a meaningful opinion, Kerry falsified stories about America's behavior in Vietnam: Kerry turned the entire political controversy into a swamp of inaccurate invective, pathological lies and Kerry conceived attacks. He was the brains while Jane Fonda flashed 'the bod'. Her and his sexual escapades in the movement were legendary.  Kerry advanced himself while he deliberately fostered the ruin of a generation's entire understanding and perception of the politics that fostered international conflict over different forms of government. His invective and fake stories created an entirely false sense of the conflict, which coupled to the meandering misrepresentations of an entire generation of Hollywood left-wingers BEGINNING with Francis Ford Copolla, left our generation hampered forever with a misconception: that you can fight against threats to society with "Love, Peace Dope!" and Flower Power. These falsehoods idolized 'flower power' (Charles Manson was a more accurate representation of Kerry's 'flower power' Zone) as an idealism without realizing it was a byproduct of our Open Society. We have not yet fully learned that actual threats against America, like the manipulation of global conflict by oil interests, do not respond well to flowers placed in the barrel of a gun, except by those we place them in shooting at us with those same guns. Vietnam-phobia has left us all wide open for opportunistic attack by Terrorism in this Century.  Kerry went so far that I had to conclude: more so than Jane Fonda in her youth John Kerry became a political aspirant cum heated traitor, someone I came to  despise every time I had to listen to him speak as I wove my early journalistic career.  I came to know John Kerry's disingenuous nature: he could sell his country out in a moment in order to advance his own weird Political agenda. He was arrogant and snide in private: "let's give those bastards a real reaming" he said with a smile to me one day (and he was talking about Republicans, Veterans, and the local Police, whom he seemed to believe were fair game for defamation, demonization and harassment). To me he seemed a Stephen King character of sorts: 'Congressman Greg Stillson' in THE DEAD ZONE. Stillson is seen in visions of the future by lead role John Smith (given to accurate visions of the future defined by whomever he touches, a roll played by Anthony Michael Hall in the current TV series) bringing a future Nuclear Apocalypse to the White House, a result of his lack of integrity and false bravado... by any standards: the foundation of a vehicle that might easily be amplified into the destruction of America." 

"I found John Kerry had no such real antiwar convictions, not in reality. On stage, Kerry was a visibly belligerent speaker sustaining a record effort to vilify the Nixon administration, even to the point of participating in meetings among weathermen style antiwar movants with plans to blow up the United States Senate.  Kerry was open to any idea to invalidate America and blame the Republican Party, once HIS precious Democratic Party was clear of the damage from Lyndon Johnson's policies, under the new Republican Administration. Along that path he plainly concocted a fantasy about himself and his war experiences that, while he did 'Noble Service' (to quote President Bush), were clearly being loomed into a many-colored Technicolor dream coat of anti-American sentiment, dishonoring the very service he himself performed in his effort to hinder America. By doing so without conscience, much as he waffles today on whether or not he would support the liberation of Iraq, he became a Traitor to America and to the truth, and became a Propagandist Combatant against America. His anti-Republican, sink the Military, pathological lies, "attack your opposition by any means"- was and is simple dogma, reflected in Michael Moore's defamatory and stupid film F911, in MoveOn's twisted view of the world and a vast number of other anarchistic tactics being used by Kerry's campaign today... 

From private sessions interviewing him, I came to conclude John Kerry had clearly run amok in Vietnam, the easy availability of Grass also seduced him: he likely will never be held accountable for the Civilian deaths he caused, later seeking to hide his own shame for having killed civilians by lying about his peers and blaming America for a non-existent carefree wholesale slaughter he contrived for political propaganda purposes.  John Kerry seemed not a very good Swift Boat Captain, as the records indicate the largest percentage of his "body count" were civilian, an oft ignored fact that is far, far different from any of the other Swift Boats -they were far more involved in combat than Kerry, yet strangely enough, had very few civilian collateral casualties on their records.  His covert meetings with Soviet Russia's Spymasters here in America during his AntiWar "phase" were no secret to anyone, they were legendary in the anti-War movement.  The Soviet KGB willingly orchestrated his illegal meetings with Vietnamese Communist Leadership during the Vietnam War.  And like his use of Michael Moore/F911 to attack President Bush, and the frenetic pace of MoveOn.org's Bush Bashing, he seeks to falsely claim that the Terror Attacks were not the responsibility of his own party, even though they were the direct outcome of Bill Clinton's foreign policies... Kerry has even allegedly had encounters with pro-Hamas fund raisers here in America. Whether or not he took their money being a matter for the FBI to investigate, they offered him campaign money in exchange for further attacks on Bush, also allegedly in exchange for promises to shift American policy away from it's pro-Israel stance.  It was no question Kerry and his Fund Raisers knew these potential contributors were Al Qaeda or Al Fatah related.  But determination of the actual events awaits formal criminal investigation.  And there have been suggestions that his fund raisers were actually openly soliciting these pro-Palestinian and pro-Saddam Hussein sources to help build their Campaign war chest. Kerry staffers have boasted 'When we really want to generate funding, we start praising Allah and asking him to pass the ammunition.'"

"Is THAT what's lurking for John Kerry: exposure of his involvement with the Terrorist Fund Raisers here in America? John Kerry says he wants to take us back to those phony Clinton days that set America up for Terror in the first place... days when our Attorney General chased Deadbeat Dads and murdered Americans in Waco, when Terrorism was largely being ignored, when Airliner security was busy being stripped.  It was a time when Bill Clinton and Ron Brown created Enron (Hazel O'Leary, Clinton's energy secretary, ushered Enron officials on meatings with governments throughout the world) and Standard Oil Gas Stationwhen companies like MCI were allowed to lie on the Clinton Administration's SEC record to falsely  convince us we had a Boom going on when the ineptitude of the Al Gore instigated DOT COM craze went BUST reducing a large chunk of America into Bankruptcy!! (read: the Clinton deal that killed MCI, written by MCI's former Data Services manager.)"

"Kerry's local protest infrastructure, composed largely of illegal political supporters using illegal 3rd party, unregulated ads and funding methods: neo-Communist Michael Moore's team, and neo-Terrorist MoveOn.org Democrats, seek to take the White House by smearing Bush and by zapping America's reputation here and in Iraq in the same manner as did Kerry during Vietnam. I do not believe Ted Kennedy realizes it was this same set of issues his brother was killed over. John F. Kennedy would never have courted Chinese or Russian Communist influences, would have avoided nuclear war: and by doing so he paid for his integrity with his life - Big Oil wanted more from a president they helped elect.  Today, you see the failings of Teddy Kennedy's own integrity, as he hurls his candidate Kerry who would be king down the same road that lead to his own brothers' demise. But he's propelling Kerry down the other side of the highway, the side of the road that leads to worsened conflict all the while claiming it was the other guy's doing. I don't think an elected Kerry would fare any better than did Teddy's brother John. It's John Edwards that Jay Rockefeller wants running the White House, when Standard Oil (Exxon, Chevron, CONOCO, etc.) makes it's move on Iraq's oil reserves!  I do believe it's over for John Kerry, he lost to Bush the day his Falsified 1971 Testimony became Front and Center (poetic justice one might add) in this Election period.  John Kerry's road to the November Election is paved with millions of Veterans and Americans who have learned to associate Kerry's name with dishonor, political greed, corruption and lies." 

"For Kerry to now try and call ACSA to task over McCain and 'Am I my brother's Keeper?' (copies of which we sent out by the million to Democratic and Republican party caucus members by The ACSA between 1998 and 2004, and which we believe were directly responsible for convincing McCain not to further his Presidential chances. Bear in mind, its simply motivated by our anger with him, the fact of the matter is: John McCain is an incredible SCOUNDREL who murdered thousands of Navaho by his acts) is on the face of it: absurd.  Not only are we a computer science association completely lacking any ties to Washington: we have no investment at all in the outcome of this Election and have been Zero Budgeted (that means: backed by no one but ourselves) for a decade.  We have for a very long time believed John McCain is a liar and a carpetbagger using his political position to hide a criminally corrupt agenda, that he does not belong in Public Office, he belongs IN JAIL.  And we are proud we have the right in THIS COUNTRY to call a snake a snake: John McCain is a snake in the grass who murdered, by Senatorial manipulation of the laws and regulations, thousands of Navaho in the state of Arizona and Nevada by dumping them brutally off their lands (READ ABOUT IT)."

"Blind-sided by a Democratic Party
Liberal Political Conspiracy..."

September 11, 2001 U.S.A. Newspaper Front Covers & Headlines - U.S.A. Newspapers Main Page - U.S.A. newspaper covers sorted by city. The September 11th 2001 terror attack on America news archive images, pictures, graphs, and photos are copyrighted.
Read the ultimate cause of the 9/11 Tragedy:
'The 1997 Gore Commission on National Transportation Safety'
Stripping away Airliner Air Marshals and qualified X-Ray Screeners
(coupled to the Gorelick Memo, and Bill Clinton's petty missile attack on Kost)

"John Kerry, on the other hand is in our opinion a vitriolic snake who has unfairly and dishonorably stained the reputation of every Vietnam Vet who gave noble service to this Country, INCLUDING HIS OWN, by falsely concocting political fakery and phony stories about Soldiers committing widespread atrocities that were the expanded fantasy of political propaganda: the purview of screenwriters which had no basis in reality (READ ABOUT IT).  John Kerry dishonored EVERY Vietnam-era Vet by creating an aura of atrocity commission and encouragement by the American military in his Testimony. We also believe that John Kerry has no business running for President: he is an offense to the system - he gave up his right to govern when he libeled and defamed every veteran during his falsified Congressional testimony in 1971. We note that Kerry, Kennedy, Reed and Rockefeller used the same tactic with the unfortunate tragedy of Lindy English's alleged abuse of Iraqi Criminals at the Abu Ghraib Prison, yet again defining the contagion being spread to all of the reputation of America and Military that these evil thugs from Rockefeller Tarrytown are not above defacing on their 'Oil Trek'."

"Stolen Valor"

 Click for full transcript...
Click image for full PDF Transcript: Mr. John Kerry's
dishonored, false 1971 Testimony before Congress.

"As to his comparisons of us at ACSA and our campaign to confront Senator McCain on the Di'neh Navaho issue, comparing us to 'Michael Moore' and the 'MoveOn Mafia' is LUDICROUS. We have a right to our Constitutionally Supported Public Opinion. We are financed by NO ONE but Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Ben Franklin and George Washingtons out of our own pockets: no one has paid us anything to express it in this Magazine.  CAIN2004.ORG "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" is what WE believe to be the case, and know we can prove to the satisfaction of an IMPARTIAL Court of Law.  We believe that this bizarre claim that it was Bush who dumped McCain by Kerry's Campaign Director to be a classic effort to make hay in the middle of the Dessert, e.g.- that dog don't hunt, John! We and our peers dumped McCain! While John Kerry may have gotten older, he may have grown more mature looking, he still lacks the maturity to be held accountable for his own acts in this case: deliberate violation of the Election Funding Law. To whit: Michael Moore and MoveOn.org (to name a few) represent a $62 Million, completely illegal 'smear Bush' campaign. Kerry made the decision to illegally team up with filmmaker Michael Moore, left wing politicizers from Hollywood, and neo-terrorists at MoveOn.org in an unholy alliance that has been keenly embraced by the Rockefeller controlled Press.  To now call the Swift Boats two TV Ads a 'Bush Smear' is for the Kerry Pot to call the Bush kettle black.  And the kettle isn't black, it's red, white and blue, John, the colors of the American Flag, the very symbol you also voted as being 'OK TO BURN', Senator Kerry!"

A picture, below, of Michael Moore, John Kerry's secret running mate, taking aim at Americans and America.

"Self Loathing and Twisted Michael Moore...At NBC and at CNN Kerry's allies received full publicity for Michael Moore's and MoveOn's totally bogus allegations and public defamation and smear campaign: earning even a degree of snide editorializing aimed at supporting the effort to weasel Iraq's oil control away from the Iraqi People, where President Bush arranged to place it, in order for Kerry to hand it over to Jay Rockefeller and the "Baby Standard Oils": ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco and ConocoPhillips.  For that reason we believe that any counterclaim by John Kerry that anyone here or at Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are enacting anything but their Constitutionally Guaranteed right to Political Expression, doesn't know what it means: "to voice one's opinion lawfully".  While we agree with the President that ALL such TV ads have no place in this Election, private and journalistic expressions of political and editorial opinions clearly do belong in the Election process. The Public has the right to know exactly who John Kerry and John McCain really are, and how they orchestrated MoveOn.org and Moore in violation of the law. $62 Million in Kerry support through illegal 3rd party ads represents an enormous violation of the Campaign Funding Act, openly gloated about by the operators of MoveOn.org ("We won't let Bush ever use 911!") and Michael Moore ("Ralph Nader, you've got to quit and tell all your supporters to vote for Kerry!").  It is interesting to note that it took only two ads from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (at about $250,000 total cost) identifying and publicizing Kerry's Anti-War Hogwash at the 1971 Congressional Hearings, for a terrified John Kerry to suddenly renounce such ads (even though SBVFT has nothing to do with Bush at all). This, after Kerry's allies had spent nearly 250 times that amount, including $2 Million more on ads directed at countering the SBVFT's ad.  Kerry's frightened "flinch" today should demonstrate why John Kerry simply can not be trusted: he's a disingenuous, pathological liar who will do anything at all, tell any lie, ruin any innocent third party (veteran or otherwise) including any means he thinks he can successfully break the law, in order to get elected.  President Bush is clearly taking the high road.  Yet one can't wonder exactly what kind of Hairy Armageddon would be in store for America in the nightmarish circumstances of John Kerry's election. Well, welcome to America, Antiwar Candidate John 'Greg Stillson' Kerry!" 

Written (August 22, 2004) by  John Connelly  (freelance writer and author, who's favorite quote is: AN EDUCATED VOTER SEEKS OUT THE FACTS BEFORE DECIDING HOW TO VOTE. DON'T BE MISLED BY THEIR RHETORIC...

John Kerry's  'antiwar' plan:
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INSTANT CONVENTION REVIEW: 50,000 dead and Lyndon's coming, Kerry pundits flock to Kennedy and Clinton, forgetting about the Branch-Davidians Massacre, about Ruby Ridge, that Enron was a Democratic creation, about MCI, Chappaquiddick, Lewinski, The Di'neh of Arizona, the recession of 1999/2000, the DOT-COM DOT-BOMB, and every other excess, not to mention Clinton's failing as a Commander in Chief to address Terrorism.  The two-faced Democratic National Convention....
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